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In reference to patient care, Chiropractors use manual treatments for the spine and joints, trigger point therapy, exercise therapy, use of modalities, and lifestyle changes to allow the body’s natural ability to heal itself properly.

In other words, conventional medicine focus is attempting to treat disease once it occurs however, Chiropractic focus is improving the health of the individual in efforts to prevent illness from the beginning.

Chiropractic care addresses the main causes of pain and disease. Pain and disease are triggered by the misalignment and limited motion of the vertebrae in the spine which is called a subluxation. Spinal subluxations, causes pressure and irritation on the nerves of the nervous system.

Chiropractors are trained in removing the misalignments of the spine which restores joint mobility, and releases the nerve pressure returning the body to a state of normal function.

Optimal health is the goal Chiropractors try and achieve with their patients. Therefore, Chiropractors suggest lifestyle changes through diet, exercise, resting habits, and activities in addition to treatment plans suggested for the patients. Scheduling chiropractic visits is a must in today’s stressful environments!