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We offer comprehensive Chiropractic care where we relieve your pain and help you feel better.
We work with people that suffer from personal injuries, auto accidents, and offer them revolutionary health remedies so they can enjoy life.
We address the pain points and focus on improving the body’s natural healing process so that you experience pain relief, relaxation and rejuvenation.


  • Stabbing/shooting pain
  • Muscle ache
  • Pain radiating down your leg/arm
  • Limited range of motion/flexibility in your back
These symptoms are what personal injury and auto accident patients experience, here is how we help!


The doctor will conduct an initial consultation to find out everything going on with you such as, past and present events that may be related to your condition. The consult will also explain treatment options with Chiropractic care and discover how close to wellness you currently are.


A complete comprehensive Chiropractic exam is done which include orthopedic, neurological, postural, and flexibility testing. Xrays or further testing will be done only if requested by the doctor for each individual patient with his or her exam.


Chiropractic adjustment, physiological therapeutics, strengthening and conditioning exercise programs are done with the patients. Also, a complete wellness treatment plan is set and scheduled for the patient.

Extra Services Offered

  • we offer strengthening/conditioning instruction through our Yoga classes held at the office with certified instructors
  • we offer personal fitness training options as well which can be set up in addition to your wellness plan